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November 14 Hangout -
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October 10 Hangout -
No one joined

September 12 Hangout -
Topic: Google Apps in the Language Arts Classroom
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August 8 Hangout -
Topic: First weeks of school, establishing routines, and idea brainstorming as needed
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June -
Topic: A little bit of everything - grammar, writing, vocab, reading...
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May 9 Hangout - 3:35ish (seems to be closer to when more people get out of school)
Topic: Grammar and Tools/techniques we found useful this past year.
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April 11 Hangout - 3:30ish pm
Topic: Writing Feedback - Workshop vs. Written Feedback Approach

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Potential Questions/Topics to think about:
  • How do we define each?
  • What are the benefits or drawbacks of each?
  • What are good ways to structure each type of class?
  • Is there a better time to use one approach vs. the other?
  • Do different approaches work better with different students?

Blog post to consider - Jodie Morgenson's approach to feedback

See you all around 3:30pm on Thursday!

April 5 Update -
Hey all - check your email for discusion about when we want to hold the next hangout.

Possible topics for future Hangouts -

  • I remember being desperate for someone to walk me through an AP unit on the history of the English language
  • A better way to manage a workshop approach.
  • Homework.
  • Expectations (raising the bar for ALL students).
  • Ways to ease the grading load for LA teachers without sacrificing the quality of writing content.
  • Engagement, again.
  • Writing instruction methods/ideas
  • Prepping for NESA W/R tests - how much, how often, just how (since we are in the midst of testing now, might be good to wait til closer to next school year)
  • Vocab (not lit terms, just straight words) - teach out of context or from stories read?
  • Traditional grammar instruction - good, bad, or ugly

March Hangout

While participating in one of the #nebed Twitter chats, Rachel Haider (@rahai1) and I (@jlkmadison) had a side conversation about engaging and motivating students in high school Langauge Arts classrooms. We decided to host a Google Hangout about this topic and invite others to participate and share ideas. We invite you to join us on March 6 at 3:30 pm CST. If you are interested, please email me (Jen Madison, Please use "LA Hangout" as the subject, and the address we should use to invite you to the Hangout in the message.

What: How do you keep secondary students engaged and motivated in your language arts classes? How do you keep them engaged with text? Let's share some ideas and strategies!

When: Wednesday, March 6, 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm CST

How: Google Hangout (initiated by Rachel Haider, We will post a link to the Hangout here. When the time comes, if you don't have a personal invite, please check this page for access information.

Link to Archived Video:
Language Arts - Engagement in the Classroom

*If you haven't ever participated in a google hangout with your Google+ account before, please go into your account and click on the "Start Hangout" button before the planned hangout. There is a plug-in that you will need to download before you can participate in a hangout. If this is done ahead of time we will be able to get started sooner!

Who: Jen, Rachel, you? and a few other LA teachers

We hope to connect with you on March 6!

As a side-note, we are going to be doing the hangout "On-Air" meaning that it will be a live discussion anyone on Google+ could run across while we are talking, it will also be archived to Rachel Haider's YouTube account in case you or anyone else ever wants to reference it. Please be mindful of using student names, etc. You will also need to acknowledge that you know this is being recorded before it will let you in the hangout.